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Herbal Hair Wash Powder

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Yaanji Botanicals herbal hair wash powder is one of the best hair care powder with a mix of all natural ingredients. It is very effective to strengthen your hair root and make it soft & shining.

It is a formulated blend of natural ingredients like Amla, Neem, Vetiver – it gives you a clean scalp.

Direction: Mix the powder and water in a bowl to make a paste. Apply the paste on wet hair, wait for a while and then rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Ingredients: Acacia concinna, Albizia amara, Sapindus, Citrus lemon Peel, coleus vettiveroides root, Azadirachta indica Powder, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis leaf, Phyllanthus emblica Powder, Terminalia bellirica Peel Powder, Terminalia chebula Peel, Curcuma zedoaria Powder, Cedrus deodara Powder, Trigonella foenum-graecum seed, Ocimum tenuiflorum Powder.