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Grenera Canada

Moringa Oil

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Oil from the Moringa Seed has been prized for centuries as a well loved beauty product. Ancient Egyptians used the moringa oil known to them as Behen Oil and believed the natural power of the plant enhanced skin’s beauty and suppleness. Pots of moringa oil have been found in ancient tombs to ensure the deceased enjoyed a full and healthy after life. Over the centuries, moringa oil has been used in its natural state as a moisturizer on the skin, in the morning or after bathing. Touted for its rejuvenating properties, Moringa Oil is also an ingredient in hair care and makeup products and has been used to promote health in all areas of the body.

Grenera offers unrefined wood pressed (Cold Pressed Extraction Method) Moringa Seed Oil. We hygienically process the moringa seeds from the cultivation to extraction. Moringa Seeds are collected manually by the small farmers. We work with several small farmers for collecting moringa leaves, seeds which helps to their livelihood.​